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Posted on Jun 14, 2012

Toy Tattle’s Playful Survival Guide for Euro 2012

Toy Tattle’s Playful Survival Guide for Euro 2012

Whilst Dad might be happy to sit through almost 4 hours of football, every day, for the next 2 weeks, your kids will probably be leaping around on the furniture within 10 minutes of kick-off.

Here’s Toy Tattle’s pick of the best toys to help Dads share their love of the game with their offspring.

Attachment Footballing

Perfect for those with limited outside space, Mookie make two versions of their football-on-a-string toy.

The Reflex Belt (£10) is a belt with a ball attached to it via a strong bit of string. This is best for keepy-uppy skills and enjoying a solo kick about.

The Swingball Reflex (£17) set consists of a ball attached via a retractable string to a base, which you fill with water (or sand I guess) to weigh it down. The best thing about this set is it allows two or more people to enjoy passing the ball between them, without the irritation of retrieving a stray ball or the risk of it ricocheting off fences, or windows.

Mookie Reflex SwingBall Demo Video:

Contain your footballing enthusiasm

Football games were strictly forbidden in our back garden as the neighbours don’t much like it when the ball hits the fence.

So I invested in an inflatable football pitch. At around £250, that sounds like an extravagance (oh well it is really, it’s not exactly a neccessity), but we are slowly recovering the cost by replacing expensive birthday parties with home-hosted football tournaments. At this rate we should break even on the purchase shortly before the youngest son’s 16th birthday.

So expense aside, the best things about one of these pitches is:
i) They look awesome
ii) They blow up really easy, and come with a continuous air flow blower to keep them up
iii) The ball stays inside the net so bystanders are safe.

Footballing in the Rain

Kids might not be put off by the rain, but if you don’t fancy your garden being churned up like a field at Glastonbury, you may be able to persuade your kids to enjoy a footballing board game.

Subbuteo relauched this year with the familiar felt pitch (£40), and Playmobil are going head-to-head with their imaginatively titled ‘Football Match Playset’ (£50).

In Subbuteo’s favour is the cheaper price tag, its nostalgic lure, and their range of Premier League teams you can buy to add to your collection.

I saw the Playmobil set at Toy Fair 2012, and I love that the pitch folds up for storage, and the chunkier styling may suit little fingers better.

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Football image: Soccer by Gustavo Rezende.

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