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Posted on Apr 30, 2013

Furby Glasses Now Available In The UK

Furby Glasses Now Available In The UK

Does your Furby sometimes go cross-eyed after a long and tiring day?

Do you find him sitting too close to the television, or leaning forward to read the newspaper.

You need to get your Furby some glasses right now.

If you have already idenitified the need for Furby glasses, but are having trouble tracking them down, first let me commend you on your responsible Furby-ownership, and then I will help you out by telling you that you need to be searching for ‘Furby Frames’.

You may be shocked to find out that you can’t buy these essential eye-pieces in an opticians, but must instead resort to a toy shop!

Here’s an example of the inconspicuous accessories.

Furby Glasses

Furby Glasses

I love this how this set comes with a pair of geek chic glasses for use in the day, then the yellow rave glasses for party-time Furby.

If your Furby needs a dance partner take a look at the new Party Rocker mini-Furbies.

A pack of two pairs costs £6, and a good selection can be found at The Entertainer.

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