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Posted on Sep 22, 2013

New Furby Toys 2013 | Furby vs Furby Boom vs Party Rocker

New Furby Toys 2013 | Furby vs Furby Boom vs Party Rocker

2013 Furby

Hasbro kicked off 2013 with the introduction of some neon Furby colours, followed up with the launch of itty bitty Party Rockers, and are rounding it off with a second year of Christmas domination thanks to the Furby Boom.

Furby Boom New For 2013

I’m not going to trouble myself with unnecessary words when Hasbro have made this informative video, so here’s all you need to know about Furby Boom:

Furby Booms are available in an array of eye watering colours, and cost around $65 / £60.

2013 Furby Boom vs 2012 Furby

Besides the garish colours, the biggest change is the app integration. With the 2012 Furby the app allowed you to feed your animatronic pet, and translate Furbish back into English. The 2013 model takes it to the next level, enabling your Furby to visit the bathroom – sometimes he poops, sometimes he deposits treasure. And less of the ‘he’, because all 2013 Furbies are female, and capable of laying eggs. These virtual eggs, laid via the app, will hatch into virtual Furblings for you to nuture just like those devlish Tamogotchi creatures that squeaked and blipped during our own childhoods.

What About Furby Party Rockers?

Furby vs Party Rocker
They’re cute alright, but they’re no substitute for a real Furby. Party Rockers move a bit, make some noises, look cute, but they don’t offer the same level of interaction as a Furby Boom. Hvaing said that, they are less than half the price of a full size Furby so they do offer a more affordable option.

Buying Furbies in 2013

You don’t need a special cage or pet license to own a Furby. Simply head over to or to check their current availability and special offers.

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