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Posted on Jul 3, 2011

FurReal Friends Cookie Pup – all the cute, none of the poop

FurReal Friends Cookie Pup – all the cute, none of the poop

New Cookie the dog toy from FurReal Friends

At Toy Fair NY 2011, Hasbro launched this as FurReal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup.

In the UK, we have since seen it marketed as Cookie My Delightful Pup, Cookie the dog toy, Cookie the Playful Pup and even CookiePie.

So if you were looking for any of those names, check out the photo to see if we’re all talking about the same toy.

Cookie is a clever animatronic dog that can blink, bark, move his head, and even play with the included bone toy.

But all this technology hasn’t made the toy feel like a robot.

All the mechanics are well concealed within his soft, well paddded body.

The result is a beautiful looking plush toy, that is squishy enough to snuggle up next to, and smart enough to play games with.

Cookie costs £70, and is suitable for kids aged 4 years and up.

Buy FurReal Cookie My Playful Pup Online in the UK

Find FurReal Friends Cookie in stock in the UK at the cheapest online prices, by checking out this comparison grid.

Some retailers take a while to update these prices, or offer 3 for 2 offers so it’s a good idea to check all the prices listed below to find the best deal for you.

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