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Posted on Oct 10, 2011

GirlTech Sugar Cubes Digital Charms Jewellery Sets

GirlTech Sugar Cubes Digital Charms Jewellery Sets

Mix regular beads with digital animated cubes to create interactive, ever-changing jewellery.

GirlTech Sugar Cubes are available as:

  • Party Pack – Includes 50 Assorted Beads, 2 Lobster Claws with Silver Loop, 3 Necklace Clasps, 2 Necklace Strings and 3 Digital Charms

  • Single Packs – Include 6 Assorted Beads, 1 Necklace Clasp, 1 Necklace String and 1 Digital Charm.

The idea is that the digital charm shows a character moving through a story, and the surrounding beads are themed to that storyline.

They were released in 2009 in the US, but they didn’t make a big impression there, and are now cheaply available on Amazon and eBay.

Initial customer reviews were not positive, largely due to a lack of value for money.

The single packs were originally priced at £12 each, but now you should expect to pay less than £5.

Girl Tech Sugar Cubes Packs – Online Prices

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