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Posted on Oct 22, 2012

Night Time Battles with Glow in the Dark Nerf Guns and Bullets

Night Time Battles with Glow in the Dark Nerf Guns and Bullets

As winter approaches, and the days get shorter, it can be difficut getting any outside play-time before the sun goes down.

You can liven up those dark evenings with a glow in the dark Nerf battle.

Glow in the Dark Nerf Bullets

There are three types of glow ammo available: suction darts, Vortex discs and N-Strike darts.

The product details state that these can be used in any ammo-compatible gun. For example the N-Strike glow darts can be used in any N-Strike gun.

In theory this is true. You could charge the darts up by holding the ammo in the light before loading the weapon. The problem with this is that although the first couple of darts may still be glowing by the time you release them, the remainder may seem a little lack lustre.

The glowing Nerf ammo is much more effective if used in conjunction with glow blasters.

Glow in the Dark Nerf Guns

1. Nerf N-Strike Firefly REV-8

Can be used with regular or glowing N Strike darts.

Shortly before launching the ammo, the toy gun releases a burst of light that powers up the dart.

Costs around $25 for the blaster and 8 glow darts.

Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Released 2009.

2. NERF N Strike Rayven CS 18
First N Strike blaster to use ‘Firefly Tech’.

Darts are held in Firefly Tech chamber where a light powers them up, so they are ready to go when you press the trigger.

Can be used to fire single bullets or switch to semi-automatic mode.

Gun costs around $35, and comes with 18 glow in the dark Nerf N Strike darts.

3. NERF Vortex Lumitron

A Vortex blaster with a 10-disc capacity, Firefly magazine to charge up the ammo.

There is a lttle blue power bar on the side of the gun to show that the Firefly chamber is switched on. During the day you can barely see it, but in the dark it emits a really cool blue glow.

We have another Vortex gun and have been really impressed by how far and fast the discs travel.

This blaster around $40 for the blaster and 10 glow discs.

Find these products and more at Amazon’s Nerf Store >>>

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