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Posted on Feb 8, 2012

Toy Tattle Reviews Gyro Botz – Zero Gravity Warriors

Toy Tattle Reviews Gyro Botz – Zero Gravity Warriors

Gyro Botz, the ‘Zero Gravity Warriors’, are gyroscopic battle robots, that spin on their heads and fight each other in an arena. Imagine Beyblades with personalities, and arms.

At the Vivid Imaginations stand at January’s Toy Fair, I got hands on with Gyro Botz, and even had a chance to do battle with the man who created the concept.

The Gyro Botz Range

To date, there have been 12 characters released, in 2 series. Each Gyro Bot costs around £8, and comes with the rip cord included. There is also a battle arena available to buy separately, which is essentially a large, shallow plastic bowl, like many of the toy battle arenas cluttering up my son’s bedroom right now. If you already have a Battle Strikers arena, this will do the job perfectly, but I think the Beyblade arenas look a bit too steep and will force the Botz together too quickly.

Hands On Gyro Botz Review

The Botz are available in a variety of colours and designs. They seemed to be well made, with a smooth finish to the plastic, and a decent paint job on their faces.

I found these really easy to play with just thread the rip cord, pull and drop.

The rip cord is threaded through the body of the robot, there is no separate launcher like there is with Beyblades (Beys always make me feel like I need three hands).

The gyroscope inside the robot ensures he always finds his way onto his head, to spin on his little pointy hat.

As they spin, their arms flop out to the side, and bash the other robots in the arena.

The spinning, and throwing into the battle arena, I mastered quite easily.

The keepy-uppy bouncing on the robots springy legs, I was hopeless at.

I really loved these, and have put in an order for a couple of Botz and an arena, so I can battle the kids. I might even try a Botz vs Beyblades fight.

Light up Botz, and add-on weapons are planned for later in the year, building up to create a pre-Christmas frenzy for this new craze.

Gyro Botz Demo Video

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