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Posted on Jun 27, 2013

Hamley’s Top Toys For Christmas 2013 – yes Christmas…in June

Hamley’s Top Toys For Christmas 2013 – yes Christmas…in June

When it comes to toy shops, they don’t get much more famous than Hamleys, so when they announce their predictions for the top toys in 2013, everyone takes notice… even if it is 6 months until Christmas.

Here’s the brands they’ve tipped for success in 2013:

Monster High 13 wishes

These are already available in Argos, priced at £16.99 per doll.

Set for a release in July, here’s Clawdeen, Frankie and Draclaura.

The Monster High brand is very poular with girls, providing a quirky alternative to Barbie.

Monster University Sully Mask, approx £25

The Monsters University movie is in cinemas from July, with the DVD set for release in the run up to Christmas. Hamley’s picked out the Sully face mask. This furry mask covers the whole head and neck, and responds to the child’s facial expressions.

Monsters University Sully Face Mask, $29.99, likely to be around £25

Monsters University Sully Face Mask, $29.99, likely to be around £25

Teksta Puppy, £75

I have just thrown out our old unloved Tekstars and now they’ve released another one, so looks like the plastic robotic dog will be moving in with us again.

Teksta and his remote control bone have had a makeover, and he’s been made app-friendly too.

Here’s a sneaky peek of a Teksta in action:

Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag, £20

Doc McStuffins Kit

It’s a doctors kit, in pink, with sparkly bits on it. The appeal to little girls is so strong, that this toy has rocketed to the top of’s doll playsets bestseller list.

If you haven’t seen her yet, Doc McStuffins is a new cartoon on Disney Jr. There are interactive dolls and other characters in the toy line, but this bag is definitely my favourite.

Zuru Robofish, £16.99
In the kit you get a plastic bowl and a life-like robotic fish. Just add water to activate the realistic swimming motion. You can buy additional fish at around £5 each.

A photo won’t do it justice, so here’s a video instead:

Later this year Hexbug are releasing the Aquabot swimming shark toy. I’m hoping to see them at next week’s UKMumsTV Christmas in July event, so I’ll have more information on these soon.

Chasin Cheeky, £26
There’s always a kid-friendly board game in the top ten, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that this year there is no sign of the pooping dog game.

Instead we have a Chasin Cheeky, a game of Hoopla where the target (the monkey’s tail) moves.

Chasin Cheeky

Furby Boom
Furby Boom

That image is literally all we know about the next generation of Furbies, but since 2012’s relaunch of Furby was so successful, we can be fairly certain that demand for Furby Boom will be epic too.

Nerf N-Strike Rapidfire CS-18
I’m not convinced this gun is big enough. I’m sure Nerf could fit another foot or two of ammo on there.

A secondary trigger and battery power gives a semi-automatic feel to this huge blasteer.

Due out around September.

Nerf N-Strike Rapidfire CS-18

Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader Transforming Action Figure, £29.99

Switch between the Anakin and Darth costumes and this action figure’s voice changes to match the character.

Due out late July, early August.

The Zelfs

These look like a hybrid of the original Trolls and My Little Pony.

Brightly coloured creatures and playsets.

Ths picture is literally all I have. They will be released in the UK this Autumn with a heavy TV advertising campaign planned.

*Update* – here’s my hands on review of The Zelfs.

Zelf Playset

More Christmas lists will follow in July and I’ll announce my favourites (which will vary a fair bit from this list) around mid-September.

Stay in touch with all the latest toy news and forthcoming releases by following me on Twitter.

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