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Posted on Sep 22, 2012

Hexbug Warriors – Battling Nano Bugs New for 2012

Hexbug Warriors – Battling Nano Bugs New for 2012

Toy Tattle takes a look at the new Hexbug Warrior Battling Nano bugs, and other Hexbug toys available for Christmas 2012.

How do you improve a Hexbug Nano? Just add weapons.

Here’s a quick overview of the new Hexbug Warrior range:

And here’s what the Hexbug Warriors look like:

The bugs have weapons that can be mix and matched between each other, and a built in health meter that displays green, yellow and red depending on how battered the bug is feeling.

In battle mode the Warriors fight it out until one health meter measures red and then stops, leaving the surviving bug as the winner.

In training mode the bugs have unlimited health so you can watch as long as you like to understand how the bug and weapons work together.

Here’s a hands on review of the Hexbug Nano Warriors:

There are three ways to buy Hexbug Warriors:
1. As individual bugs, $8
2. Battle Arena, $20 – includes 2 Warriors and small platform to battle on

3. Battle Stadium, $30 – includes 2 Warriors and a large battle platform

If robotic insects battling to the death doesn’t excite you, there are still plenty of other toys in the Hexbug range to choose from.

In the Hexbug Nano collection, my favorite set is still the Hive (pictured), as it can be folded for storage.

It comes with two Nano bugs, and has a MSRP of $40, although you should now be able to find it for around $30.

There are also other larger bugs, and even remote control creatures:

  • Crab – $17 – Reacts to light or sound to scuttle out from dark places
  • Ant – $13 – Scurries around then changes direction if it bumps into something
  • Original – $13 – Changes direction in response to sound and touch
  • Larva – $15 – Moves by wiggling, and changes direction when it detects something in its path using the foward facing sensorts.
  • Scarab – $15 – Moves with such speed that if it bumps something it flips over onto its back and then self-rights.
  • Spider – $30 – Remote control bug.
  • Inchworm – $20 – Another, simpler remote control bug.

Buying Hexbugs Online
All the major retailers stock some Hexbugs, but I am yet to find one that offers the complete line. As always Amazon is a good place to start your search so you can take advantage of free shipping, and read customer reviews of thtoys before you buy.

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