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Posted on Aug 27, 2011

Hot Toys For Christmas 2011

Hot Toys For Christmas 2011

Once the kids are back at school after the Summer, parents naturally start thinking about Christmas shopping.

To give you a head start with your gift purchases, Toy Tattle has put together this list of predictions for the hottest toys for Christmas 2011.

Kids Tablet Style Gamer

Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer

We are sitting on the fence with this one.

The LeapPad and InnoTab both feature a tablet style design with touch-screen technology and a tilt sensor.
At $100 the LeapPad is priced $20 more, but that extra money buys you a built-in camera and backwards compatibility with Leapster Explorer games cartridges.
Before making your purchase take a look at the differences between the LeapPad and InnoTab.

FurReal Friends Cookie Interactive Dog

FurReal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup

Irresistably cute, this adorable Golden Retriver toy conceals clever technology that makes it so life-like.

Put his head and his eyes close a little, just like a real dog. He can also play tug with his rope and chew his bone.

The pup can recognise when you touch him and turn his head to meet your hand, and is full of realistic doggy noises.

Cookie My Playful Pup toy costs around $60.

Initial customer reviews are so positive, we are sure this will be the toy all girls ask for this Christmas.

Rock N Roll Character Toys

Let's Rock Elmo

Another area where Toy Tattle is totally wimping out is the battle of kids’ favourite TV characters: Rock Star Mickey vs Let’s Rock Elmo.
Both little guys interact and rock out, but we like Elmo’s clever interchangeable musical instruments so a group of kids can play along with Elmo and he’ll even know which instrument he is holding.
Rock Star Mickey will cost around $50, and Let’s Rock Elmo is around $60-$70, depending on retailer offers.

Disney Princess Total Fairy Tale Castle

Disney Ultimate Princess Castle

Everyone knows that the huge gifts are the best gifts when you’re a kid.
So standing at 32-inches tall, this Disney dollhouse certainly has the ‘oh my gosh’ factor.
Costing around $150, the price tag is enough to make most parents flinch, but we’re pretty sure that once your little girl has seen the TV commercial for this, her heart will be set on it.

Ultimate Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

New for 2011, the Ultimate Easy Bake Oven features and real heating element so little girls can bake their own treats.
This toy has all it needs to be a Christmas hit – eye-catching styling, real-baking excitement for the kids, and a heavy dose of nostalgia for any moms who used to have the original incandescent bulb version of this toy.
The oven is out now, priced at $50, and includes tools and ingredients to get your little bakery started.

Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster

We’re bucking the trend here – many parenting magazines and websites are tipping the Ultimate Optimus Prime with Trailer MechTech figure to be the hottest Transformers toy this Christmas.
Certainly it got great reviews after it was revealed at NY Toy Fair earlier this year.
But since its release to the wider public, the toy has received some mixed feedback and disappointing ratings.
We think that this, plus the hefty price tag (up to $90 at some retailers) will deter parents from buying it.
So what is the perfect Transformers toy for boys this year. We are loving the look of the Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster (pictured) and since it is made by the brains behind Nerf, there is every reason to believe this will be an excellet dart gun.
Plus with a tiny price tage of $35, you have money left over to spend on the MechTech Voyager Fireburst Optimus Prime ($22).

Millenium Falcon

LEGO 7965 Millenium Falcon

Star Wars LEGO set 7965 – this Millenium Falcon is actually the 6th LEGO version released since 2000.
This giant construction is suitable for kids aged 9 years and up, contains more than 1200 bricks, and is a whopping 15 inches in diameter.
At $140 you can consider this an investment intended to drag your tween son away from his video games.


Thundercats ThunderTank

In case you live under a rock and haven’t noticed yet, the Thundercats are back on our TV screens, and filling toy store shelves.
The ThunderTank was debuted at the NY Toy Fair and immediately hailed as THE toy for Christmas 2011.
And frankly we are not going to argue.
It looks like so much fun the biggest problem will be prising it out of the hands of the adults so the kids have a chance to play with it.
Out now and suitable for kids aged 4 years +, from $29.99.

Paper Jamz Microphone

Paper Jamz Pro Mic

Paper Jamz are releasing a new range of guitars and drums, but the instrument that really caught our eye was the microphone.
For $35, anyone, no matter how tone-deaf they may be, can sound like a pop star with this voice-changing mic.

Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends

Interactive, squishy robot toy things.
There are four Fijit Friends, costing $45 each.
They respond to words, music and even some TV commercials, making them a cute little companion to sit in your girl’s bedroom.

Dragonoid Destroyer

Dragonoid Destroyer

This toy is not yet released so all we can do is make educated guesses about it based on last year’s hot Bakugan – Dragonoid Colossus.
Expect Dragonoid Destroyer to be a hub with attached Bakugan, weapons and maybe even vehicles.
More information will be added when we have it.

Kick start your Christmas shopping with Toy Tattle’s Amazon Wish List of hot toys for 2011.

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