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Posted on Sep 10, 2013

Hot Wheels LEGO style construction sets launched by Mega Bloks

Hot Wheels LEGO style construction sets launched by Mega Bloks

Whenever Mega Bloks or Kre-O launch a new range, it always catches parents out, because we automatically assume a building blocks set is made by LEGO.

If you came her hunting for ‘Hot Wheels LEGO sets’, you’re in the right place, just using the wrong name.

The new construction sets featuring Hot Wheels cars and rigs are made by Mega Bloks.

Hot Wheels LEGO sets

The range starts from around £10 / $12 for a nifty tube containing the bricks to assemble a small car, plus one driver.

The biggest set in the range is £40 / $40 for the Super Stunt Speedway (the large set that looks like a garage), although I think the Stunt Rig (the truck and car combo) looks at lot more stable, and fun, and it costs £10 less.

You can mix and match the blocks to customize your cars.

For a closer look a the Urban Agent Stunt Rig, I’ll hand you over to Evan (he’s not mine, he’s just a really cute kid that does loads of toy video reviews):

You can see the full range, and get ideas for changing the design of the smaller vehicles on the official Mega Bloks Hot Wheels site.

Buy Hot Wheels Mega Bloks Online

Hot Wheels Mega Bloks sets were launched in September 2013 in the UK and US, and are available in stores and from online toy retailers.

Follow the links for the latest availablilty and pricing from and

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