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Posted on Oct 22, 2011

New Hot Wheels Toys

New Hot Wheels Toys

Looking for gift buying inspiration for a little Hot Wheels fan? Take a look at Toy Tattle fantastic-five new Hot Wheels toys for 2011.

Wall Tracks

This commercial explains the set nicely:

This is toy is getting some serious air-time so your little boy (or girl) is sure to have seen it on the TV and be hoping for a set for Christmas.

These tracks are held on to the wall with 3M Command strips (7 included, you may want to buy spares), so there’s no drilling or permanent fixings involved, but that also means the tracks won’t withstand much weight or pressure before they fall off.

The starter set comes with one Hot Wheels car included, and is priced at $29.99.

Take a look at the reviews left by other Amazon customers before making your purchase – some parent’s have left valuable feedback which will help you decide if this toy will work for your home.

Hot Wheels Video Racer

This kit consists of a micro-camera inside a Hot Wheels car.

You can send it down your Hot Wheels tracks to record a driver’s eye view, or put it in the larger car-shaped protective case and take it where ever you want to go – strapped to your wrist, bike, helmet.

There is a small screen on the underside of the car so you can get instant playback – but the real magic happens when you plug it into your PC. You can use kid-friendly software to edit the footage, then share it with your friends.

Customer feedback has been pretty positive, with Amazon customers giving an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

You can get the Video Racer in white or black and each kit, containing the camera car, case, USB cable and strap costs $59.99.

Rev Ups Revolutions Stunt Park

That red section in the photo is a swinging arm which spins your car around before completing the track – hence the name ‘Revolutions’.

This is a new release so I can’t find any customer feedback on it, but added it to the list as it looks pretty fun.

This set is only compatible with other Hot Wheels Rev Ups cars and tracks. It comes with one Rev Ups car included, and costs $38.

6 Lane Super Raceway

This is the most unneccessarily huge and expensive Hot Wheels track money can buy!

It features 8 feet of straight line racing, 6 cars across.

It folds up for storage, but during play will pretty much take up your whole living room.

If the $90 price tag is making your eyes water, then check out the 4 Lane Raceway which gives 6 feet of racing, but will cost under $30 – now that’s more like it.

Sky Jump Frenzy Track Set

There was an earlier track set called ‘Sky Jump’ that was gray – the new model is called ‘Sky Jump Frenzy’ and is colored blue and red with a firey catch bucket attached (pictured).

The set costs $40, and customer feedback is largely positive. Remember that part of the fun is guessing which cars will be able to make the jump, not all cars will be successful every time.

The set comes withone car included. Look amongst your collection for cars of a similar size and weight for good candidates to complete the track.

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