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Posted on Jul 16, 2011

Hot Wheels Video Racer – a car with a micro camera inside

Hot Wheels Video Racer – a car with a micro camera inside

This is so cool.

Mattel put a micro video camera into a Hot Wheels car and the Hot Wheels Video Racer was born.

There is even an LCD screen on the underside of the car so you can get instant playback.

Run the car round your Hot Wheels tracks, or use the straps to attach to your bike, or skate helmet, leg, wrist – whatever really, so you can get some cool action shots.

The camera records at 30 frames per second, and can store up to 12 minutes of footage.

When you are done recording, plug the car into your computer using the USB cable included. You can then use Hot Wheels’ free software to edit your shots, add sounds and share with your friends.

These are available to buy now from all of the major toy retailers, and are priced at $60.

Here’s a quick hands on demo from ChildrensTech:

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