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Posted on Sep 12, 2011

I am T-Pain Mic | New Toy Microphone Gives you the T-Pain Effect

I am T-Pain Mic | New Toy Microphone Gives you the T-Pain Effect

Everything sounds better with the I am T-Pain mic! Boom – T-Pain

It started out as an iPhone app that took the nation by storm. Now you can look and sound the part with the I am T-Pain Mic, from Jakks. The microphone will record your voice then play it back with that showbiz-sounding auto-tuned effect and added beats.

The T-Pain microphone toy is out now, priced at $39.99, and is suitable for kids aged 7 years and up.

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I Am T-Pain Microphone Features and Specs

  • Use the huge T-Pain button to instantly transform your voice as you speak into the mic.
  • Record up to 3 minutes and instantly playback.
  • Add beats to either your recording, or real-time voice.
  • Use the headphone jack to keep your voice to yourself.
  • Use the USB port to upload recordings to your computer and share online.
  • Use the MP3 to plug in your player.

The microphone is available in black, white and red flame designs. You can also buy a deco pack to personalize your style, and if you want to ramp up the volume, check out the speakers set.

I Am T-Pain Commercials

I love these commercials. Here’s a great video showing you behing the scenes of filming.

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