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Posted on Sep 24, 2011

Interactive Dancing Robot Toys | My Keepon vs Fijit Friends

Interactive Dancing Robot Toys | My Keepon vs Fijit Friends

They’re cute, they’re squishy, and they have a wicked sense of timing – meet the King and Queen of Christmas: My Keepon and Fijit Friends.

A quick look at the product details would have you thinking that these interactive toy robots should be bitter rivals.

Both are designed to dance in time to music and respond to other sounds in the enviroment around them.

But check out their appearance and you will see that they are different enough to be appealing in their own right.

My Keepon vs Fijit Friends

My Keepon Fijit Friends
Features Nose listens and Keepon will dance in rhythm to music or sounds you make. Touch sensitive – responds by moving, looking round and making little noises. Responds to sounds and touch. Dances, moves and talks back.
Options Only one design Four colors options and accessory packs also available.
Power Use batteries or included power adapter. Uses 5 x AA batteries.
Height 12-inches including black performance stage. 10.5 inches tall.
Price $49.99 $49.99

My Keepon Toy Demo Video

Radica Fijit Friends Toy Demo Video

Which is better Fijit Friends or My Keepon?

Honestly, there is no straight answer to that. When Fijit Friends were first launched this Summer, the only disappointing feature was how they were styled only to appeal to girls. Most likely Fijit Friends will remain the top choice for girls, and My Keepon will be popular as a toy for boys and even adults too.

Where to buy My Keepon an Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends were released in the Summer and can be found in stores and online, including at Amazon, where you can also find My Keepon.

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