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Posted on Mar 17, 2011

Kachooz – Furry Frizzy Hairy Pencil Toppers

Kachooz – Furry Frizzy Hairy Pencil Toppers

Take a good look at this photo, and memorize the name – Kachooz, because before too long you will be hunting stores high and low trying to find these little critters.

Name: Kachooz

Suitable: Ages 4+

Release Date: Out now

Price: $5.49 for a 2 pack; $9.99 for a 4 pack

Availability: At Toys R Us stores

Kachooz are furry pencil toppers that are only around an inch tall. There are 36 different Kachooz available, and each Kachooz is a member of one of six Moops (tribes).

Kachooz are from MGA Entertainment, the makers of Lalaloopsy, Bratz and Moxie Girlz to name a few, so you can be sure these will be a hit, as those guys certainly know how to pick a winner.

For those of you interested in the detail, here is the MGA Entertainment Kachooz press release in full:

MGA Entertainment Invites You to Express Your Frizz with KACHOOZ!™

Right Below Your Feet,
Live Creatures You Should Meet,
So Fuzzy Silly Small,
You’ll Want to Have Them All!

–All New Cute and Collectible Characters Come with Fun and Frizzy Hair Features —
Van Nuys, CA (March 7, 2011) – Leading toymaker MGA Entertainment invites you to express your frizz with Kachooz!™, an all new collectible line of unique and furry pencil toppers that come with different hair textures and colors. Whether you brush ‘em, style em’, or spin ‘em on your pencils to frizz ‘em, soft and furry Kachooz!™ toys offers both kids, and adults alike, hours of entertainment and silly hair play fun!

Launching with 36 new characters consisting of 20 different kinds of creatures, Kachooz!™ live in six little groups – tiny tribe clusters they call Moops™. MGA Entertainment invites you to meet the Kachooz Moops™:
*Rainbow: A cluster of happy creatures – they love to smile, hug and giggle.
*Nervous: A family of anxious fur balls – they jitter, shake and are always in a hurry.
*2Faced: A pack of moody characters – one day they are sweet and the next day they are rude.
*Highlights: A dressy group – they are always fancy and never messy.
* Mohawk: A tough crowd – they are loud and crazy but stick by their friends.
* Punk: A wild bunch of rebels – they have lots of style and like to party.

To learn more about the Moops™ and discover the small, silly, fuzzy world of Kachooz! ™, visit View the collectability page for exclusive pictures and the inside scoop of all 36 Kachooz! ™.

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