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Posted on Sep 20, 2012

The New Little Tikes iMap and an Apple-less Alternative

The New Little Tikes iMap and an Apple-less Alternative

The Little Tikes iTikes Map is a new toy for Fall 2012, and is set to sell well after featuring on Walmart’s Offical Christmas Top Toys list.

Here, Toy Tattle takes a look at what the iTikes Map can do, and the alternative toys that are available.

Little Tikes iMap

The iTikes Map features 6 maps to learn from and play quizzes with. Then you can make the maps come to life using an iPhone, iPod or iPad, and the special app.

Watch this demo video from Little Tikes – it does a better job at explaining what this toy does than I will be able to:

The toy is priced at $60 and is suitable for kids aged 4 years and up.

It has had some good customer reviews on Amazon which you should go and read so you can get another parent’s perspective on this product.

Leapfrog TAG – iTikes Map Alternative

There’s a couple of reasons you might be looking for an alternative. Perhaps you don’t have an i-device, or you don’t want to share your toys with your kid, so you won’t be making use of that functionality. Or perhaps you are interested in a tech toy offering a more rounded educational experience.

If this is you, then take a look at the Leapfrog TAG reading system. It’s not new and you have probably seen it before – it is a wand that reads the text on the page. But did you know that Leapfrog also make TAG-compatible maps and flash cards?

This video shows the US map in action, but they also have a world map, and a solar system chart to explore.

The TAG wand has an MRSP of $40, but you can often buy it for around $30. The map is priced at $20. So all together this combination costs about the same as the iMap. But with the TAG you can use the system with dozens of books, puzzles and flash card sets in the range, to really get the most play value out of it.

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