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Posted on Aug 3, 2012

Kids Sandbox Buyer’s Guide

Kids Sandbox Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a sandbox? How hard can it be? Here’s a few ideas and tip to help you find the best sandbox for your kids.

Up High or Down Low?

Some kids prefer a sand table, like this model from Step 2

Do you want a sandbox on the floor, or a sand table up on legs?

Will your child want to sit in amongst the sand, or be happier leaning over a table and only getting his hands dirty?

Sun Protection

Do you want a canopy over the sand pit or not?

These are a great way of protecting your little one from the sun, but do add to the cost of the product.

You may prefer to buy a separate parasol that can be moved around your garden, independently of the sandbox.

Sandbox with bench seats from Badger Basket

Seating Options
Some larger wooden sandboxes have bench seats around the edge?

These add to the weight and cost of the sandbox, but some kids may be happier sitting up on the bench and bending down to play with the sand.

Your options are wood or plastic.

Wood looks nicer, and will likely last longer.

Plastic is cheaper, and if you’re out of sand you could always fill a plastic sandbox with water for a DIY splash pool.

Other buying tips
Get a good fitting cover. You need to keep animals out to keep the sand clean.

Plastic sandboxes, like the famous Little Tikes Turtle, often have good fitting lids included.

You will be cursing the day you bought a cheap cover if you find cat dirt in your sandbox and need to empty it out and replace the sand.

Buy online – you can read reviews, so you know what you are getting, then buy the sandbox and sand to be delivered to your home and save all that heavy lifting to and from the car.

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