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Posted on Jul 8, 2012

La Dee Da Dolls – New Fashion Dolls for 2012

La Dee Da Dolls – New Fashion Dolls for 2012

Take a look at this hot new doll range, release Summer 2012.

La Dee Da is a new doll brand from Spin Master, targeted at girls aged 6 to 11, with a passion for fashion.

The dolls will be accompanied by a range of accessories available to buy separately, and interactive website, and apps on iTunes.

La Dee Da World Trip Collection

The story behind La Dee Da Dolls

From the Spin Master press release:

La Dee Da™ is an outrageous fashion label created by a talented New York City teen named Dee and her three best friends, Tylie, Cyanne and Sloane. While attending design school in the city, these over-the-top designers always go for the bold, whether its shakeup makeup, fierce outfits, or crazy purple curls, La Dee Da™ invites real girls to create, imagine, and express themselves through a new kind of fashion play that is “Dee-lightful!”

La Dee Da Sweet Party Collection

La Dee Da Release

The range will launch with two lines: