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Posted on Jan 17, 2013

Lala Oopsies – Bendy Colorful Lalaloopsy Dolls

Lala Oopsies – Bendy Colorful Lalaloopsy Dolls

These first came out towards the end of 2012, and the line is set to expand with new Oopsy dolls planned for release on 2013.

The Lalaloopsies look similar to the original Lalaloopsy dolls, but have vibrant mismatched outfits, long bendy arms and legs, and squishy squashy heads.

There are 8 characters in Oopsy Land, each available as a full-size doll or as a mini doll:

  • Princess Anise
  • Princess Juniper
  • Princess Nutmeg
  • Princess Saffron
  • Fairy Lilac
  • Fairy Tulip
  • Fairy Daffodil
  • Fairy Saffron

The Princess dolls look like regular Lalas. The Fairies look like the Littles dolls, although they seem to be more like butterflies as they have cute little fabric sleeping bags to snuggle up in.

Available now from Amazon.

Expect to pay around $38 for a full size doll and $9 for a mini version.

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