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Posted on Nov 15, 2011

Meet the Lalaloopsy Characters – Full Size Dolls Available in the UK

Meet the Lalaloopsy Characters – Full Size Dolls Available in the UK

When is a rag doll not a rag doll – when it is a Lalaloopsy doll of course.

These little cuties look like rag dolls, and the Lala legend is that they were sewn from scraps of fabric, but they are actually made from plastic – making them far more durable than old-fashioned soft stuffed dolls.

The story behind the Lala dolls is that when the last stitch was complete the dolls came to life, taking on the character of the person who’s rags were used to make the doll. So every doll comes with her own personality, matching outfit and co-ordinating pet.

The fabric outfits can be removed and replaced with any other Lalaloopsy fashion outfit (available to buy separately).

For a full-size 12-inch doll you should expect to pay around £25.

For a cheaper was to collect all the characters, check out the mini Lalaloopsy dolls. These are just 3-inches tall, cost just £6 each, and are compatible with a range of Lala playsets.

List of Lalaloopsy Names and Characters

This is a compelete list of all the full-size Lala dolls, their personalities and the pets that come with them:

  • Ace Fender Bender – a garage mechanic with a pet monkey.
  • Berry Jars n Jam – home-cooking farm girl wth a pet cow.
  • Blossom Flowerpot – a keen gardener with a pet butterfly.
  • Rosy Bumps N Bruises – a little nurse with a patched up teddy bear.
  • Ember Flicker Flame – a brave firefighter with a pet dalmatian.
  • Jewel Sparkles – a princess with a regal kitten.
  • Suzette La Sweet – collector’s edition Duchess with a pet poodle.
  • Marina Anchors – little sailor girl and her whale.
  • Mittens Fluff N Stuff – snow loving girl with a friendly polar bear.
  • Misty Mysterious – magician girl and her rabbit.
  • Patch Treasurechest – little boy Lalaloopsy pirate with a pet parrot.
  • Pepper Pots N Pans – a keen cook with a piglet (bacon not on the menu tonight).
  • Pillow Featherbed – sleepy girl who has a sheep to count.
  • Sahara Mirage – Far Eastern genie with a camel.
  • Spot Spatter Splash – the Lala with artistic flair and a colourful zebra.
  • Crumbs Sugar Cookie – hostess with the ‘mostest’ and her pet mouse – I hope she keeps him out of the kitchen.
  • Tippy Tumbelina – ballerina with a pet swan.
  • Sunny Side Up – Berry’s twin sister from the farm. She has a yellow baby chick.
  • Holly Sleighbells – Christmas elf with a pet reindeer that looks like he’s made from festive gingerbread.
  • Charlotte Charades – Mime artist
  • Mango Tiki Wiki – Hula girl
  • Toffee Cocoa Cuddles – Bedtime snuggles
  • Coral Seashells – Mermaid
  • Pix E Flutters – Fairy
  • Prairy Dusty Trails – Cowgirl
  • Forest Evergreen – Lumberjack

Silly Hair Dolls

These are full size Lala dolls, but instead of static moulded hair, they have twisty, bendy locks that you can style.

And their pets come with bendy tails too.

Available as: