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Posted on Nov 15, 2011

Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls UK

Lalaloopsy Mini Dolls UK

Unless you plan or remortgaging your house, there’s not a chance that you’ll be able to collect all the Lala characters in full-size version.

To make hoarding the full-set more achieveable, the dolls are also available in 3-inch mini versions for around £6 each. What is especially cool about this part of the Lala line-up, is that you can also buy mini playsets like a ferris wheel, bus or even a treehouse for your dolls to play in.

Each mini dolls comes with her own mini pet. She is dressed in an outfit, but these are molded plastic – you cannot remove and change them like you can with the full-size dolls.

Some Lala characters have been released as multiple versions, with different accessories and outfits, so check names, details, photos etc carefully before you buy.

All the mini dolls are the same size, and are compatible with the mini playsets.

You can find some Lalaloopsy dolls in most large online retailers, but I find the best all round selection is at The Entertainer – link below.

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