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Posted on Nov 15, 2011

Lalaloopsy Mini Playsets available in the UK

Lalaloopsy Mini Playsets available in the UK

Sure Lalaloopsy mini dolls are fun – but you know how to make them even more entertaining? Take them for a spin on a bus, send them on a ride round a ferris wheel, host Lala tea parties….

The Lala mini playsets will provide your daughter and her Lala’s with hours of playful fun.

And they work out to be pretty good value too. Each set comes with at least one mini doll, and you would be paying £6 for the doll anyway.

The new large playset for 2012, is the Sew Sweet Playhouse (pictured), a 3 storey dolls house with porch swing, picnic table and even a pet elevator for those too lazy to use the stairs. It costs £30 and comes with a mini doll included.

Complete List of the Rest of Mini Lala Playsets and Dolls

  • Ferris Wheel – Comes with mini Peanut Big Top, elephant, lollipop, popcorn, and room for three mini Lala’s to ride.

  • Tea Set – Mini Crumbs Sugar Cookie, pet mouse, table and two chairs, tea pot, cups and a cookie jar.
  • Sleepover Bed Set – Mini Pillow Featherbed, pet sheep, bed, side table with lamp, story book and a cushion for a Lala friend to hang out on.
  • Treehouse Playset – Large playset with two mini dolls and plenty of activities. Find out more here.
  • School Bus – Mini Bea Spells a Lot, pet owl, a bus to ride to school in, lunch box and traffic cone.
  • Primpin Party – Mini Jewels Sparkles, pet kitten, dressing table, vanity mirror, lamp and perfume bottles.
  • Kitchen Party – Mini Berry Jars N Jam is cooking up pancakes on a cooker, with a sink for cleaning up.
  • Carry Along Playhouse – Can be used to store up to 15 mini Lalas, or open out as a playhouse. Comes with an exclusive mini Sunny Side Up included.
  • Silly Pet Parade Train – Motorized train that pulls along carriages for Lala pets. Comes with one carriage and one pet, others available to buy separately.
  • Remote Control Car – Fits in 2 mini Lala dolls, and is controlled via a giant button pad. Available as pink or red, for £30.

You can find some Lalaloopsy dolls in most large online retailers, but I find the best all round selection is at The Entertainer – link below.

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