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Posted on May 2, 2012

The Lalaloopsy – what the gubbins are they all about – Guide

The Lalaloopsy – what the gubbins are they all about – Guide

Normally I would put up the TV Ad so you can verify that what I am talking about here is indeed the toy that you have seen being shouted about inbetween kids cartoons.

But this toy line comes with an irritatingly catchy tune (they’re Lalaloopsy, they’re Lalaloopsy, made from buttons and with love, they’re Lalaloopsy – someone help me please), that once inside your brain, will live there forever, occassionally resurfacing to drive you to the brink of insanity, before disappearing again until prompted by the sight of anything Lala related, like dolls, buttons, or even just a sewing needle.

Sorry, I lost it there for a minute (they’re Lalaloopsy), ahhhh it’s still in my head!!!!

So anyway, here’s a mug shot instead, so you can see what I’m talking about.

The Lalaloopsy Story

The story goes that each character was made from scraps of fabric, and when the last stitch was sewn the doll came to life, taking on the personality of whoever gave up the clothes to be used as fabric. So Crumbs Sugar Cookie loves to bake because she was made from a baker’s aporn, and Ember Flicker Flame is brave and fearless as she was made from a firefighter’s uniform. Thankfully they haven’t used any scraps from recycled prison overalls, so all the Lala characters have sweet and endearing personalities, rather than underlying psycopathic tendencies.

The Lalaloopsy Toy Line

Now don’t be thinking that you can just pop to the shops and buy a Lala doll because your daughter has seen them on TV and wants one. It requires careful research and study of the rather extensive toy line before you can be sure you are getting the right toy (shuddering at the thought of buying the wrong toy).

Big Dolls – the original, full-size dolls, are 33cm tall, come with a pet, and one fabric outfit that can be changed if you so wish. The dolls are made from plastic, although they are styled to look like rag dolls, with button eyes and over-sized heads. They cost around £25 each when first released, but if you are not fussed about which character you get, you can often get some of the earlier releases for around £15.

Silly Hair Dolls – Just like the big dolls, but instead of moulded plastic hair, these have twist bendy dreadlock style barnets.

Littles – These are the baby siblings of the full-size dolls. Also made of plastic, but a dinky 18cm tall, and in my humble opinion far cuter. Usually cost around £15.

Minis – Miniature versions of the full-size characters. 7.5cm tall, made from moulded plastic with swinging arms and legs. Cost around £8 each.

Playsets – There are a range of playsets, houses and vehicles for the mini dolls. Each playset comes with at least one mini doll, so they often work out good value for money, when compared with the cost of buying a doll on its own.

Furniture and Accessories
– There are a few fashion outfits and pieces of furniture scaled to fit the full-size Lala dolls, with more items due for release later this year.

Softs – 26cm tall, plush versions of the characters, priced around £15. Also come with small squishy pet. These dolls are cuddle-friendly, and far more suitable for bedtime than their plastic counterparts.

Buying Lalaloopsy Dolls in the UK

The encouraging slogan ‘collect them all’ should most certainly be ignored. There are already dozens of Lala characters available with more due for release throughout this year. The minis are much more affordable to collect, but are also fairly numerous.

I’m predicting 2012 will be a good year for Lalaloopsies in the UK. They took off like a rocket in the US last year, and they are already very popular here, with strong ad campaigns planned, and an even stronger product line.

You can find some Lalaloopsy dolls in most large online retailers, but I find the best all round selection is at The Entertainer – link below – and I like how they list dolls even before their release so you can see what is coming, and ask for an email alert when the dolls are in stock.

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