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Posted on Oct 21, 2012

Laugh Out Loud Elmo – New Tickle Me Elmo Toy 2012

Laugh Out Loud Elmo – New Tickle Me Elmo Toy 2012

New Laughing Elmo Toy for Christmas 2012

Originally called Laughter Unleashed Elmo, the new interactive Sesame Street plush toy has been re-named ‘Laugh Out Loud Elmo’.

He’s red and furry, he lives on Sesame Street, he laughs, and he’s ever so ticklish. LOL Elmo is not officially a new 2012 Tickle Me Elmo edition, he comes might close.

This model moves about less than the original Tickle Me Elmo but this means it has less technology going on inside, making him softer to cuddle.

The harder Elmo laughs the more he rolls around on his back and shakes.

He is responsive to sound, touch and his squeaky toy.

Includes a fish bowl squeaky toy that makes Elmo laugh if you squeeze it a few inches above Elmo’s tummy.

He will tell jokes when you squeeze his foot, and laugh when you tickle him.

I though the photo looked a bit awkward – just to explain that the toy is designed to roll about on the floor or on your lap, which is why most of the product images show Elmo in a lying position.

The toy requires 4 x AA batteries. Demonstration batteries are included, but to get the most from your toy, you should switch these out and replace with new ones.

Suitable for children 18 months and up.

The MRSP is $39.99, which makes him $40 cheaper than Master Moves Mickey, the other hot animatronic tots toy this Christmas.

You can see the current price available at Amazon in the box to the right.

I think this toy is going to be a huge hit this Christmas, so if you think your little one will be putting it on their Christmas wish list, you should buy early to save disappointment.

TV Commercial For LOL Elmo Toy

This is the official TV commercial currently running for this toy. It gives you a good idea of how the toy works, and the size of it in relation to children.

Reveiws of LOL Laugh Out Loud Elmo

Reading and watching reviews from other parents is a great way to research a product before you buy it.

Here’s a hands on review from Colleen Padilla:

This toy was only just released this Fall 2012, so there haven’t been many reviews written about it. There are a couple of customer reviews on Amazon – one parent loved it and one wasn’t so sure. When judging the quality of customer reviews pay attention to whether they have ‘verified purchaser’ status, which means they have bought the product from Amazon, and aren’t just voicing an opinion based on seeing the TV commercial or an in-store demonstration.

More Info

Parents of Sesame Street fans might like to take a look at the big toys last Christmas: Count N Crunch Cookie Monster and Rock Star Elmo. Both toys were really popular, and since they are from last year they are often available at discounted prices.

N.B. If you are having trouble finding this toy online you might try searching for it using these alternative names:

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