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Posted on Sep 19, 2013

New Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra and 2 Power For 2013 But No LeapPad 3?

New Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra and 2 Power For 2013 But No LeapPad 3?


No LeapPad 3?

2013 sees the launch of the new LeapReader, the LeapPad Ultra and the LeapPad 2 Power, but no LeapPad 3. It looks like Leapfrog are leaving the numerical naming behind for now.

LeapPad Ultra – Kids Tablet With WiFi

The LeapPad Ultra boasts a 7 inch screen and WiFi connectivity. It allows access to kid-friendly websites, with games and apps available to download or on cartridges. It’s simple styling will appeal to older children, edging it ahead of the InnoTab 3s, VTech’s WiFi enabled children’s tablet.

LeapPad Ultra

Here’s the boasty promo video:

LeapPad Power – LeapPad 2 That Eats Fewer Batteries

The LeapPad Power has the same specs as last year’s LeapPad 2 but with rechargeable batteries and a power adapter included.

LeapPad Power

Should I pay extra for a LeapPad Ultra?

The extra money buys you a bigger screen, and WiFi connectivity, plus a few more built in apps. Older children will be happier with the sleeker design of the Ultra. Internet access is restricted to kid-friendly sites only, so the Ultra is no substitute for a family computer or tablet.

Should I buy LeapPad Power or cheaper LeapPad 2?

Retailers are heavily discounting last year’s LeapPad 2 to make way for the newer models. You may be able to save a little money by buying the LeapPad 2 and power adapter separately, but you will then be reliant on 4 x AA batteries for wireless playing.

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