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Posted on Apr 13, 2011

Leapfrog My Puppy Pal Violet Hands On Review

Leapfrog My Puppy Pal Violet Hands On Review

My gorgeous niece got a Violet Leapfrog My Puppy Pal for Christmas, so we had the perfect opportunity to do a hands-on review of this cute, cuddly and educational toy.
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Leapfrog My Puppy Pal Violet – green Scout also available

Age Range: 6months+

Price: $20

Availability: Widely available in stores and online, including at Amazon and Target

Quick Description
Scout and Violet are interactive plush toys that you can personalize.

Plug your Pal into your PC with the USB cable provided, download the free Leapfrog software from their website, then make your selection of tunes and teach the toy your child’s name.

The toys are essentially the same, they differ only in their colors, and that Scout has a boy’s voice, and Violet has a girl’s voice.

The body of the toy is soft plush fabric, and although it contains a hard box for the electronics, it is padded enough to snuggle up to.

The symbols on the paws are embroidered rather than printed on giving a durable, quality finish.

You can choose from a selection of classic melodies and traditional children’s tunes, and if you ever get bored of your My Pal music, you can reconnect the toy and change the songs. This is a great feature for parents sick of the repetitive nature of the electronic jingles their baby’s toys usually emit.

The toy will also say and spell your child’s name, then sing them a little song about their favourite things (which you have submitted online).

The list of names that My Pal recognizes is ever expanding so it is not practical to include a table here. Take a look at this interactive tool from Leapfrog to see if Scout and Violet can say your child’s name, but be sure to come back and read the rest of the review.

The toy is also not particularly educational in the way that other Leapfrog toys are, although it’s developmental value shouldn’t be underestimated, children can:

* Explore texture by stroking the soft plush fabric;
* Learn about rhythm if you tap out the songs with them;
* Learn problem solving as they work out which paw made which sound effect.

Why We Love It
Having two small boys myself, I can say with confidence that if I heard just one more baby’s plush toy play ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ I would have lost my mind.

Whilst my niece adores it when her Violet Pal says her name and sings her a personalized song, what every adult in the room loved about the toy was the variety of music it played and the ability to change the songs when you get tired of them.

You are restricted to the music Leapfrog offers via the CONNECT platform, so you won’t be able to plug your Pal into iTunes and play your baby a bit of Beyonce, but the range of music available to choose from offers a good mix of lively happy tunes, and soothing night-time melodies.

The green Puppy Pal, Scout, is easier to find than Violet. Expect to pay around $20, although offers sometimes reduce this price to just $15.

Find Leapfrog My Puppy Pal online at:
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