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Posted on Jan 16, 2013

Science packs give Leapfrog TAG new lease of life

Science packs give Leapfrog TAG new lease of life

Did you know there was more to the Leapfrog TAG system than reading books?

You can also buy three interactive learning packs: Interactive World Map, Human Body Discovery, and Solar System Adventure.

This is a promo video from Leapfrog for the Solar System Adventure pack to give you an idea of what it looks like:

Son#1 (aged 7) has had his Leapfrog TAG system for a couple of years now, and although he initially loved the independence it gave him when reading, he is now a confident reader (stealth boast alert), so the TAG pen was unloved and unused. This Christmas he received the Interactive World Map, and he really loves it.

The age range for the sets is 4-8 years. I’d say this is about right. At 7 year, Son#1 is starting to find his way around an encylopeadia and the Internet for his knowledge needs, so these sets won’t satisfy him for long, but make a good starting point.

The sets are priced at £17 each, although can sometimes be found cheaper (especially the World Map set I’ve noticed).

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