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Posted on Apr 6, 2011

Leapster Explorer Touch Screen Not Working? Stylus Calibration Fix

Leapster Explorer Touch Screen Not Working? Stylus Calibration Fix

Help – my Leapster Explorer has stopped working

Screen not responding? Stylus not working?

Sometimes Explorers develop a problem where the touch screen is not responding, or it is not drawing in line with the tip of the stylus.

Don’t panic, Toy Tattle is here to help.

Firstly, check you have removed the screen protector from the Explorer. If you have already done that, try this nifty little trick to fix your Leapster Explorer.

How to recalibrate Leapster Explorer screen and stylus

1. Turn the Explorer off

2. Turn the Explorer back on

3. When you are on the sign-in screen, hold down the help button (a ?), and the left arrow on the directional D-pad – see image below (courtesy of Leapfrog Support)

You will now see the parent’s settings menu.

4. Touch the crosshair icon with the stylus. A large crosshair icon will appear in the center of the screen.

5. Touch this icon with the stylus and this will bring up the SCREEN CALIBRATION procedure.

6. Touch each of the 5 crosshairs with the stylus as they appear.

7. The calibration is now complete – Press the B button to exit.

Images and instructions from Leapfrog Customer Support.

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