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Posted on Dec 15, 2012

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers

Answer Buzzers, from Learning Resources, £22

Answer Buzzers, £22 from Learning Resources

Learning Resources sent me these for an honest review – so that’s what you’ll be getting – all opinions are my own.

The Answer Buzzers set includes four separate, differently coloured plastic buttons. When you press them they each make a noise.

So simple – so much fun.

The Good

  • The noises are clear, fun, and distinctive – they all sound very different.
  • There are so many different ways to use this toy (see below).
  • These are durable – my cheeky five year old hide one under a cushion so that when his Nan sat down her bottom shouted ‘ding-dong’, causing a riot of giggles. The buzzer survived. He has also just walked across one while I had them laid out on the floor to take a photo, and that survived too.
  • There are four non-slip pads underneath each buzzer so they won’t skid around the table.

The Bad

  • The battery count is a bit painful – each buzzer requires 4 AAA batteries – that’s 8 altogether.
  • Although I assume that since the energy consumption is quite low, the batteries should last a while.
  • There is no ‘off’ button. Why? Just why? It makes it tricky to store the buzzers, and I do not want to be woken in the night by a ghostly quiz show sound emanating from my living room.
  • There is nothing on each buzzer to indicate what type of noise they make. I like the Animal Answer Buzzers (pictured) better (also from Learning Resources) because they each have a picture on of the animal noise it will make

    Farmyard / Animal Noises Buzzers, also from Learning Resources


Get Creative

So here are a few ideas I came up with for using these buzzers:

  • Play any question and answer game – just make anything up that fits their ages.
  • Play a memory game – ‘can you press the ding-dong buzzer’ – since there are no markings on each buzzer your child will need to remember which buzzer to press.
  • Play a sequencing game – you hit the buzzers in a paticular order, then ask your child to copy you, making the sequences longer each time.
  • Put buzzers at the end of an obstacle course – the winner is the first person to hit their buzzer.
  • Hit a buzzer to annouce that dinner is ready, or it’s time leave the house.
  • Got a sick kid? Provide them with a buzzer to hit if they need something so they don’t have to yell out for you.

You’ll be able to think of more, but that list should get you started.

Learning Resources have a competition running on their Facebook page, to win a set of these before 31st December.

My Photos

The purple one is a bit more pink than the photo shows...and please don't notice how much I need to vacuum the rug.

Yeah non-slip feet, but boooo really fiddly teeny tiny screw on the battery compartment.

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