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Posted on Sep 1, 2012

Ultimate LEGO Storage Guide – Put those little bricks in their place

Ultimate LEGO Storage Guide – Put those little bricks in their place

It’s a dilemma parents have faced since the famous little brick was first designed:

Whether to carefully sort and store LEGO by size and color, keep sets in their original boxes, or just dump it all into one huge container.

Toy Tattle talks you though your options.

Dump it in one box

+ improves visual discrimination – the ability to pick an object out from a background of similar objects.
+ easy to put away.
+ encourages creative thinking as kids not restricted to following instructions.

– pieces get lost making it difficult to complete models.
– kids may get frustrated not being able to find what they need to complete a model.

Tip – Keep a dustpan and brush set with your legos. Tidying up is more fun and quicker if you can sweep them up rather than picking up handfuls at a time.

Sorted by set

+ improves visual perception – the ability to look at, the recreate a model relies of visual perception. This is the same ability that enables a child to look at then recreate a letter shape, or build a house blueprints.
+ these sets are expensive and keeping them grouped together will help you get maximum replay value from your purchase.

– some kids will get bored just following directions and will want to make up their own designs, mixing and matching parts from different models.

Tip – The instructions often come apart where they are repeatedly folded. Use a thermal laminator to cover instructions and keep them in great condition.

Sorted by brick design

+ easier to find what you are looking for and possible to recreate models from instructions even if you haven’t kept all the pieces in one set together.
+ sorting legos is so therapeutic.

– time consuming to put away.
– it is inevitable that one day, after all your hard work someone will pour all the legos out onto the floor and mix them together.

Tip – Before you embark on this kind of storage solution, plan ahead. Are you sorting by brick size? Color? Does it need to be sorted into 20 different types of brick or could you dump most regualr bricks into one container, with a separate section for detailed pieces like wheels, lights, sticks, hinges etc?

Be guided by your child

Let your child choose how he wants the LEGO stored.

Discuss with him the consequences of that system, and then let him try it out.

He needs to own the storage solution, otherwise you can’t really expect him to put the Legos away.

If you want it sorted by size and color, expect to be spending a lot of time after the kids are in bed getting the system just right, before the bricks ar all dumped out on the floor the next day.

If your kid likes to be super-organized, help him design the storage system, provide the necessary containers, but then let him be responsible for putting all the bricks away, as this will discourage him from tipping them out and mixing them up.

Play time with LEGO should be fun, and your child should be able to play freely without being disciplined for ruining your carefully designed storage system.

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My favorite Pinterest LEGO storage solutions

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