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Posted on Aug 18, 2011

Let’s Rock Elmo – Singing, Music Playing Interactive Elmo Toy

Let’s Rock Elmo – Singing, Music Playing Interactive Elmo Toy

Summary: Check out the latest interactive Rock Star Elmo toy from Hasbro, as part of their now Sesame Street line up for 2011.

Meet the new rock star Elmo

Elmo has transformed into a rock star, and by the look of that black t-shirt, he’s gone all EMO too.

Let’s Rock Elmo is a fully interactive singing musical toy.

He comes with a microphone, drums and tambourine.

Switch the instrument Elmo is playing and he instantly notices, and the music adjusts – clever huh?

Then it gets better, as your kid can join in by playing with the other instrument.

If you want to start your own band, you can buy a keyboard, guitar and an extra microphone from around $15, for either Elmo or the kids to play.

This isn’t just great fun – it is also a great developmental toy for pre-schoolers. Co-ordination, rythm, melody, musical appreciation – these are all important skills to develop.

The toy will retail at $69.99, making it $20 more expensive than Rock Star Mickey, but with far more interactivity.

This is tipped to be one of the hot toys for Christmas so if you think your little one will go crazy for this rocking Elmo toy, be sure to snap one up before everyone else.

Take a look also at Count and Crunch Cookie Monster from the same Hasbro toy range, and the new Laughing Elmo toy.

Current price at Amazon

Let’s Rock Elmo Demo Video

Take a look at this video from Playskool so you can see Elmo getting all rock n roll.

Hands On Customer Reviews of the Let’s Rock Elmo Toy

This toy has been on the market for a few months now, so you can benefit from the experience of other parents who have taken the time to leave their feedback with online retailers.

Between the reviews left at Amazon and Toys R Us, this toy is scoring more than 4 stars out of a possible 5.

Parents love how their kids react to this toy – with many reporting that their little ones can’t help but dance and sing along too.

If you want a little reassurance before spending your hard-earned money, take the time to read some reviews as they are a really useful way of finding out what it’s like to own this toy.

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