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Posted on Jul 13, 2011

Let’s Rock Elmo vs Rock Star Mickey – Christmas 2011 Hot Toy Battle

Let’s Rock Elmo vs Rock Star Mickey – Christmas 2011 Hot Toy Battle

Even as early as February, when both these toys were announced, all eyes were on the #1 toy spot for Christmas 2011.

Rock N Roll Mickey Mouse

Christmas 2010 was the year of the Mouse. Dance Star Mickey was under squillions (Ok not a real number) of trees, ready to be unwrapped and boogie his way through the festivities.

Fisher Price are attempting to repeat that mega-success wth an even funkier Mouse – the Rock Star Mickey.

Check out his multi-tasking in this video, as he performs gym splits while singing and playing the guitar.

You’ve got to admit it, that is one talented rodent.

The sunglassses and guitar are included, but they are attached, so consider them as an integral part of the toy rather than as accessories.

Mickey will perform 6 songs and play 2 interactive games.

He costs around $50-$60, depending on the retailer, but right now you can buy him at
You can pre-order at Amazon for under $50.

Beside copying his dance moves and singing along, kids can also play guitar with Mickey if you buy the Rock Star Guitar (pictured) foraround $20.

Elmo the Rock n Roll Star

Fisher Price aren’t the only ones trying to create a new generation of rockers – Hasbro are mustling in on the action to with the new Let’s Rock Elmo.

So no dancing, but heaps of interactivity.

Elmo comes with the little mic, drums and tambourine. He will ask you for an instrument, or you can switch between them whenever you like, and Elmo will recognize and respond to the instrument you’ve given him. Then you can pick up a spare instrument and join in the fun too.

For add-on fun you can also buy a bigger mic, a keyboard or a guitar to play along with, for an additional $15-$20 each.

Let’s Rock Elmo is priced at $69.99, almost $20 more than Rock Star Mickey, but he justifies the larger price tag with the built-in technology which allows for greater interaction.

News Flash: Let’s Rock Elmo for under $60 from Amazon

Who wins – you decide

Although on the surface the toys seems similar, there is significant difference in their features and this is reflected in the price. Elmo looks like a great option to be shared by a group of siblings who could have an instrument each.

But whatever you do, for the sake of your own personal sanity – do not buy both!

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