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Posted on Jul 27, 2011

Lite Sprites – Colored Light Wand and Fairies Toys

Lite Sprites – Colored Light Wand and Fairies Toys

Lite Sprites is a collection of toys from WowWee that includes fairies, pets and inter-connecting playsets.

The theme of the toys is that the fairies love colored light. With the Lite Wand you can collect colors then point and shoot at a fairy or playset and it will turn the color that you magically threw at it.

There are four color loving Lite Sprite fairies: Brooke, Astra, Meadow and Prisma; and one color-zapping fairy called Bleak. Each fairy comes with a pod that you can sit them in and hang them from the Tree of Lite, and cost $19.99 each.

To get your collection started, you will need the Wand of Lite as this is what you use to change the color of the lights withing the fairies and playsets. The Wand set includes a wand, and Prisma in her pod, and costs around $30.

Lite Sprites Play Sets Connected Together

The central playset is the Tree of Lite (also misspelled as the Tree of Life and Tree of Light). This is home to all the fairies and has room for them all to be hung in their pods from the color-change canopy, or stand together on the balcony. The playset will cost around $40.

There are four more playsets in the range, each costing $20: a windmill, flower, waterfall and swing. Although some of the photos feature a fairy, these are not included with the sets and must be bought separately.

Each of the playsets include a purple connecting path, so you can connect your playsets together.

Demo Video of Lite Sprites:

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