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Posted on May 2, 2012

Little Lalaloopsy Dolls – Lalaloopsies Baby Sisters

Little Lalaloopsy Dolls – Lalaloopsies Baby Sisters

Did you know the original Lala dolls had baby sisters?

So cute, their photo deserves the full page, so here they are:

From left to right, they are:

  • Squirt Lil’ Top – Peanut Big Top’s toddler sister. She’s dressed up like a clown and carries around pet peanut.
  • Specs Reads A Lot – Bea Spells A Lots baby sister. She’s smartly dresed ready for school, even though she’s not old enough to go yet.
  • Bundles Snuggle Stuff – all wrapped up warm to play in the snow, just like her big sister Mittens Fluff N Stuff.
  • Sprinkle Spice Cookie – loves to snack all day long, just like Crumbs Sugar Cookie. She even comes with a nibbled cookie and bottle of milk.
  • and new to the family, and not in that picture, there is:

  • Trinket Sparkles – loves dressing up in big sister Jewel’s clothes.
  • Scribbles Splash – arty and creative just like big sister Spot.
  • Pita Mirage – is a little genie, just like her big sister Sahara.
  • Matey Anchors – little brother of Marina Anchors. He loves to sail paper boats and practice his knot tying.

Like the full-size dolls, the Little Lalaoopsies are made from plastic, with fabric outfits, and each come with a pet.

As you would expect they are smaller than their older sisters, standing at 18cm tall.

And their cheaper too – expect to pay around £15 each.

You can also get some fashion outfits that fit the Littles if you fancy playing dress up with them.

You can find some Lalaloopsy dolls in most large online retailers, but I find the best all round selection is at The Entertainer – link below.

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