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Posted on Jul 21, 2011

Littlest Pet Shop Toys For 2011 – New Releases From LPS

Littlest Pet Shop Toys For 2011 – New Releases From LPS

Some of the new toys Hasbro on display at the Littlest Pet Shop stand at NY Toy Fair this year are already hitting the shelves, so we thought now was a good time to recap on what new LPS toys will be available in 2011.

LPS Walkables – Walking Littlest Pet Shop Toys

LPS Walkables Snail

These have also been referred to as Magic Motion Pets, and are cute walking Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Just press the button and the take teeny steps towards you.

Currently available in six models: cat, seal, spider, dog, fish and a snail, and cost around $8-$10.

LPS Magic Motion Treehouse Playset

LPS Magic Motion Treehouse Playset

Continuing the theme of moving Littlest Pet Shop toys, Hasbro has just launched (Summer 2011) the new playset, featuring 8 activities for your pets.

The set includes a Chipmunk Walkables toy, and is currently available for $40 from Amazon.

Blythe Loves LPS Goes Global

A new range of Blythe Loves toys is planned, with a multi-cultural theme. The line includes France, Paris and Russia.

LPS Pet Jet

Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Pet Jet

This set includes toy jet plane, luggage accessories, Blythe doll and pet bulldog.

The LPS Jet Plane Playset costs around $40 and is available now from Amazon.

LPS Shimmer N Shine – Glittery Littlest Pet Shop Toys

LPS Shimmer N Shine Lovebug

Sparkly, glitter-covered Littlest Pet Shop figures.

These cost $5-$6 each, or $28 for a pack of 6, and are available now.

LPS Hamster Ball Playset

LPS Hamster Run Playset

This playset looks just like the sort of set you could pick up for a real pet hamster from the pet store.

Includes 2 pets and costs between $20 and $25. Available now from Amazon.

LPS Speedy Tails RC – Littlest Pet Shop Remote Control Car

LPS Radio Control Car

Remote control cars for girls are pretty hard to find, so this is a real treat. Includes a pet for you to drive around.

Available now, and costs around $20.

LPS Teensies

LPS Teensies

Hasbro have resurrected the Teensies line of LPS toys.

You can buy a set like the one pictured for around $4, and it includes two tiny pets, a ball and a keychain.

Later this year there is a playset planned.

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