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Posted on Jul 1, 2013

Squawking and Scribbling and Playing LOGO What Am I?

Squawking and Scribbling and Playing LOGO What Am I?

Drumond Park sent me a copy of ‘LOGO What Am I?‘ – here’s how I got on.

The Details

* LOGO What Am I? board game, from Drumond Park.
* RRP £24.99.
* For ages 8 years and up.
* For 2 players or more (more is better I think).

Photo’s First

How To Play

LOGO What Am I is a game based on recognising Britain’s most famous brands, logos and products.

It makes use of all the hundreds of hours of advertising we have passively consumed over the years.

Here’s roughly how it goes:
* Player moves around board and lands on one of three squares, guess, describe or draw, and takes card from stack.
* Guess it – player with card must answer questions from other players.
* Describe it – player with card must describe brand / product.
* Draw it – player with card must draw pictures to help other players guess brand / product.
* If someone guesses correctly before the time runs out, both the player with the card, and the player making the correct guess get to move forward.

You need at least 2 players to play, but it’s more fun with at least four. It comes with six countrs, but you can always make your own, or work in teams if you want more than six players to play.

How We Got On

There are quite literally squillions of cards, so we won’t be getting tired of this game any time soon.

We needed to modify the game slightly for Son#1. He has only just had his 8th birthday, and is a little young to play the game by the rules (the recommended age is 8 years and up, but children’s abilities vary a lot).

Since there were a lot of brands he wouldn’t recognize, but at least one per card that he would, we didn’t play by the guess it – draw it – decribe it rules. Instead when a player picked a card up, we would choose the item / brand we thought Son#1 would be most likely to know. And when it was his turn to pick a card, we let him choose whichever object on the card for us to guess. Then we used a combination of drawings, questions and occassional descriptions. We also used our own, slightly longer, timer to take the pressure off.

Our adaptions worked really well, and I liked that the game was simple enough that we could play it our own way. Son#1 was particularly appreciative of my Angry Birds drawing combined with flapping of arms and squawking sound effetcs.

One reservation I have is that the box says this is suitable for two players. I’m not sure how that would work. Since on the last question, both the guesser and the card-holder get to be the winner, doesn’t that take away the element of competition if there are only two of you playing?

I think this would work best if you had a big group of adults, or teams of an adult and child working together, but we still had fun with just the three of us.

Get Your Own Copy

You can check for stockists on the Drumond Park website, or go to, where they often have the price discounted.

Or if you’re feeling lucky, enter my giveaway.

LOGO What Am I Giveaway

Open to UK residents only

We’ve got one copy of the LOGO What Am I board game to giveaway – and it’s a new one, not the one I’ve been using, because I’m keeping that because it’s fun, so keep your hands off it.

All you need to do is a bit of Tweeting and Facebooking.

You’ve got from the stroke of midnight marking the beginning on Tuesday, until the glorious midnight chimes announcing the commencement of the weekend. That’s 12.00am on the 2nd July 2013 through to 12.00am on the 7th July 2013.

Toy Tattle giveaway terms and conditions apply.

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