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Posted on Sep 20, 2012

Matchbox Big Boots | Little Weeble-like Action Figures

Matchbox Big Boots | Little Weeble-like Action Figures

Have you seen these yet?

Maybe it is their Weeble-like nature that is appealing to me, or that they are designed to be launched across the room, but I think these new toys look awesome.

Matchbox Big Boots are super heroes with big boots.

They are designed to be launced from the vehicles in the range, and the size and weight of the boots, means that just like cats, they always land on their feet.

All is explained in this video:

There are smaller vehicles in the range starting at £10, a middle size police SWAT car for £17, a fire truck at £25 and a huge dinosaur-themed vehicle which is £40.

Big Boots Fire Truck £25

Big Boots Ambusher Dinoaur Truck, £40

I found the best selection at Argos.

You can see the Dino Ambusher in this video review from the Dad Does blog:

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