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Posted on Aug 4, 2011

Matchbox Big Rig Buddies – Smokey the Fire Truck – Interactive Talking Toy

Matchbox Big Rig Buddies – Smokey the Fire Truck – Interactive Talking Toy

Summary: Take a look at Smokey the Talking Fire Truck – the latest from Mattel’s Matchbox Big Rig Buddies range.

There’s something about a big gift that is extra exciting on Christmas Day, which is one of the appeals of the Big Rig Buddies. In 2009 we had the yellow Rocky the Robot truck, and last Christmas parents everywhere were scrambling to get hold of Stinky the Garbage Truck.

So consider yourself warned, and get prepared. One of the hot toys for boys at Christmas 2011 will be the new Smokey the Fire Truck.

Not only does Smokey stand, move, and talk, he also puts out fires with his bright blue foam bullets of ‘water’.

Animatronic toys, especially ones as large as this, can seem scary to little kids. But there is something about the way his wheels turn in, and his mouth turns up that makes Smokey really adorable. Plus I know the ball launcher will be great fun. We have an old Mattel fire truck that launches foam balls from a few years back and it still gets played with all the time by the boys.

Matchbox Smokey Demo Video

You can really see his cute mouth in this video and how well it moves about.

Smokey The Fire Truck Customer Reviews

So far Smokey is consistently scoring 4 out 5 stars with online customers. Parent love that Smokey is fun and engaging, but some have commented that they do not appreciate his bathroom humour (he farts).

Take a look at the reviews left on Amazon as there is a good number there, and some parents have gone into a lot of detail.

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