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Posted on Apr 17, 2013

New Max Steel TV Show, Toys & Action Figures for 2013

New Max Steel TV Show, Toys & Action Figures for 2013

Max Steel is back. Do you remember him? Had a brief run between 1999-2001, and while he’s been off US screens, he’s been a roaring success in Latin America.

Now Mattel have given the brand, characters and toy line a revamp, with the latest TV series avaiable on Disney XD in the US, and Nickelodeon in the UK.

And since it has already been commissioned for a 2nd series, then you can be pretty confident this is a hot property for 2013.

So maybe your kid is already a huge fan of Max Steel and you want to buy some Max Steel action figures, but not the old ones, you want the 2013 Max Steel toys.

Well for now you are out of luck, because they haven’t been launched yet.

But here’s a video giving you a quick look at what they will look like when they are in shops.

2000 vs 2013 Max Steel Action Figures

The original Max Steel figures and toys were also made by Mattel, but they were on a 12″ scale. The new line is based on a 6″ action figure. This makes me a bit sad because the vintage Action Man dolls bought at a bargain eBay price are the most played-with toys in our house, and I am sure the larger dolls would appeal more than than the 6″, but I guess Mattel are the experts.

Apart from the size there are two other differences to look out for. In the original toy line the main character is 19 years old and looks like a man, whilst in the 2013 line he is just 16 years old and looks like a teenage boy.

And here’s some shots of the branding so you can tell the difference too:

Original Max Steel Branding

New Max Steel Branding

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