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Posted on May 5, 2011

Mechtogan – New Bakugan Transforming Action Figures

Mechtogan – New Bakugan Transforming Action Figures

Wondering ‘what is a Mechtogan’?

It’s a transforming action figure that you swipe with a card to transform into a Bakugan Battle Warrior. During battles you can use a Mechtogan in place of a Core Bakugan. They are part of the Mechtanium Surge range of Bakugan toys.

Regular Mechtogan
Available as Braxion, Deezal, Venexus, Zenthon, Silent Strike, Accelerak, Dreadeon, Vexfist, and Slynix. These spring into action when swiped with a card, and should cost around $12.99.

Mechtogan Titan
Deluxe, larger version with special weapons. These cost around $17.99 and are available as Venexus Titan, Zenthon Titan, Faser Titan and Razen Titan.

Mechtogan Extension Pack
Includes 1 x Bakugan; 1 x Mechtogan; 2 x Bakunano; 1 x metal gate card; 1 x Mechtogan Activator card; 2 x ability cards. Priced from $19.99.

Combat Set
A Mechtogan and Bakugan that can be used together in battle. Costs around $14.99.

Bakugan Mechtogan, Mechtogan Titan, Extension Packs and Combat Sets available from:
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