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Posted on Jul 19, 2011

Meet The Crib Life Cuties – New Born Awesome Dolls From Baby Alive

Meet The Crib Life Cuties – New Born Awesome Dolls From Baby Alive

In July 2011, Baby Alive launched a new toy – the Crib Life Cuties and they look totally different to the Baby Alive dolls that have gone before them.

New Born Awesome Dolls

Instead of attempting to mimic a real baby, these funky looking toys and dolls with attitude, style and personality – just check out the photos below. They look a bit like Bratz babies don’t they?

Initially there was 6 dolls in the range: Makayla Song, Ella Song, Lily Sweet, Sarina Cute, Lulu Lake and Hailey Hula.

The dolls come with an outfit, keychain, accessory and a mini book about their individual personality.

The box will also contain a special code to be used online at the official website where you will be able to hang out with the characters and play games.

New Crib Life Twins

The twin pack includes Sarina Cutie and Sydney Cutie dolls, each with their own funky outfit, for around $25.

Buy Crib Life Cuties Online

These funky looking dolls are available now from:

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