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Posted on Nov 7, 2012

Mic O Mic – Alternative Construction Toys

Mic O Mic – Alternative Construction Toys

What: mic o mic water plane (rrp £10) and racing car (rrp £22)

Why: Because the lovely people at DKL asked me to review them. All views and opinions remain my own.

What’s in the box:
Molded plastic pieces, straps and pegs to hold them together.

The plane, RRP £10, still being played with 2 weeks later

How the test went:
LEGO is a pretty dominant feature in this house, so I was fairly confident that any type of construction toy would go down well with Son#1.

But it was actually 5 year old Son#2 that flipped with excitement when he saw the little plane on the box, so that was the model we attempted first.

It was easy to figure out where all the pieces go, but it was quite fiddly putting the bits togther. But once I’d built up a bit a rhythm I got through the construction quite quickly. Son#2 helped me by passing the pieces as I asked for them, choosing which colour peg he would like to pin the pieces in, and threading the pegs through the straps.

The racing car is bigger, but because the pieces of plastic are larger, there aren’t that many more join points and so it wasn’t much more effort to put together.

In a moment of what I thought was utter genius, Son#2 and I poked the pegs through all of the straps so they were ready to be used to link the plane pieces together. The problem with this was that although the first peg went in fine, the second peg didn’t because it was usually approaching the hole in the piece of plane at a funny angle. So my top tip is to get the straps ready by putting a peg in one hole only and leaving the other hole empty.

I've popped open a strap on the centre of the car so you can see how this all pops together.

Mustn’t grumble…well not much anyway:

It’s the colours. They are bright and cheerful and attractive, but they are appealing to younger children, and are a bit off putting to older kids I think.

But overall I love this because:

  • Once constructed the toys are solid enough to be played with rather than just left on the shelf. That little plane is going everywhere with Son#2 at the moment.
  • Your child can start out having no clue of how to put this together, learn alongside you, and slowly become an independent model maker after a bit of practice, which is very satisfying.
  • No glue, no mess!
  • It was something we could enjoy together.

  • Here’s the professional product photos:

    Mic O Mic sets are available to buy from independent toy shops and online at Amazon.

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