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Posted on Aug 21, 2012

Micro Chargers Hands On Review

Micro Chargers Hands On Review

I love Micro Chargers – the new racing car track toy from Flair.

I have also seen these called ‘Nitro Chargers’, which I believe is the name they will be released under in the US.

I got my hands on these funky little cars way back in January at the 2012 London Toy Fair.

But I never forgot them.

Back then Flair had only just signed the toy up and details were sketchy, but I was pretty sure they were onto a winner.

The concept is a timeless classic for young motor-enthusiasts; cars that race around a track.

The difference with this toy, is that instead of holding a controller, and slotting the cars into a powered track, it is the cars that hold all the energy.

The cars are slotted into a small handset that gets the wheels spinning.

After just 5 seconds the cars are ready to start zooming around the track – and they really do shift.

See how it works in this TV ad:

If you want to race cars side by side, the ‘Time Track’ set (pictured) comes with a 4-berth charger, which can rev up and then release 4 cars simultaneously.

There are currently 3 different sets available:

Time Track, £40 – includes a 4 berth charger, straight, curved and bridge track pieces, as well as timer mechanism and 2 cars.

Jump Track, £25 – includes 1 handheld charger, straight, curved, jump and chicane track pieces and 2 cars.

Loop Track, £20 – includes 1 handheld charger, straight track, a looped piece of track and one car.

I have no idea how easy the track is to slot together since the set I played with was already constructed. But I did find it really easy to charge and release the car, even though they are designed for much tinier fingers than mine.

Flair state this toy is suitable for kids aged 6 years and up.

I especially love the built in timer with the Time Track set as writing down lap times and comparing them is a fun way for boys to be practicing maths without even noticing and in our house we need all the number-crunching we can get.

Micro Chargers are available to buy now.

Video from US site Time To Play:

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