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Posted on Sep 4, 2012

Micro Chargers | Nitro-Fast Micro-Small Toy Cars

Micro Chargers | Nitro-Fast Micro-Small Toy Cars

Australian toy company, Moose Toys, have launched a brand new racing car track set that is like none I have seen before.

Micro Chargers Jump Track

Instead of powering up the track, slot race track, or putting batteries in the car, the cars are charged by a device that rapidly spins the wheels. After just 5 seconds, the car is charged enough to race around the track several times.

When I first saw this at an industry event, they were branded as Nitro Chargers. However, they are now called Micro Chargers.

This is what they can do:

There are three sets available:

Micro Chargers Loop Track

  • Time Track, $35 – with built in lap timer. This is a Toys R Us exclusive.
  • Loop Track, $20- straight line track with a built in loop.
  • Jump Track, $20 – track pieces you can arrange in a circuit. Includes curved track, chicane and a little aerial jump.

Hands on Micro Chargers Review:

Oh yes, this is written from my own hands on experience, not just a rehash of the marketing information you might find on other websites.

Micro Chargers Time Track

I found the cars really easy to use, and was amazed at how fast the cars zoomed round the track and how long for. The cars went round at least a handful of times so they are really able to transfer a lot of energy.

I was testing a prototype track, as the 3 sets currently available had not yet been agreed, so I can’t comment on which of those is best. I can say that I found the track pieces easy to put togther, and the car always stayed within the confines of the track.

The recommended age range is 6 years and up, and I think it would be sensible to stick to that suggestion. The cars are very small to hold, and young children may be frustrated by trying to hold the car in the charger and then transfer them to the track without dropping it and wasting the charge. The Time Track includes a multi-car charger that clips into the track, and this is easier to use as once the cars are inserted, you need only press the release button to begin racing.

See the toy in action:
I’m not brave enough to make my own review videos (one day, maybe), so enjoy this one from TimeToPlay instead.

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