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Posted on Sep 4, 2012

How to buy Mike the Knight Toys in the USA

How to buy Mike the Knight Toys in the USA

Earlier this Summer Fisher-Price signed a licensing deal to manufacture and market toys based on Nickelodeon’s hugely popular Mike the Knight TV show.

The first toys are not due until Fall 2013.

But if your little Knight fan can’t wait that long, Toy Tattle has some info that might help you get your hands on the some Mike toys for this Christmas.

Mike the Knight toys are already available in the UK, from the Character toy brand.
Here’s how to buy British Mike the Knight toys in the USA:

  • and already have some toys listed, where US independent retailers have imported some toys are are selling them on.
  • There are lots of items listed on and – contact sellers before you purchase to ask if they are willing to ship to US, and how much this will cost.
  • Check the recommended prices on Character’s website, then check today’s exchange rate from £ to $ so you can be sure you are paying a reasonable amount for the toy. You will be paying a small premium on top to account for the extra work involved in getting it sent from the UK, but you don’t want to be paying $50 for a £10 ($16) toy or you will be disappointed when it arrives.
  • Check with the seller what your shipping options are, how long each method will take and what it will cost. You can save money by choosing the slowest shipping method. If you are in a hurry pick a seller who is based in the US and has already imported the toys from the UK.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the UK collection:

Glendragon Playset, £30 (approx $48)

Talking & music 10inch plush toy, £15 (approx $24)

Viking Longboat playset, £15 (approx $24)

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