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Posted on Jun 6, 2013

Mini Ninjas – Cute But Deadly Addictive App

Mini Ninjas – Cute But Deadly Addictive App

I often get sent PR requests to test out a new toy or report on a forthcoming release.

I didn’t realize when I was sent an innocent looking iTunes redemption code for an app called Mini Ninjas that I was about to loose hours of my life to this game.

Here’s the promo video so you can see it in action:

The little Ninja runs along the screen and you need to jump or depoly weapons to overcome obstacles. I found it really difficult as I am not a seasoned gamer. My 6 and 8 year old sons have much better reaction times and enjoy taking turns to see who can get the furthest.

The graphics are lovely and the game-play is smooth – not bad at all for 69p.

Because I really sucked at the app, I didn’t find it too hard to put down. But then while I was writing up this review, I came across the Mini Ninja website, where they have mini games, and I’ve found them much more appealing than the app – because they are so easy and repetitive – just my style (self-confessed Candy Crush addict). I got sucked in when I should have been working. It reminded me of being an office-slave and the childish joy I got when someone sneaked me an email link to an online game not yet blocked by our company’s IT department (come on, I know I’m not the only person guilty of this).

You can get the app for $0.99 or £0.69 from iTunes, and it is also available at the Google Play store.

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