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Posted on Sep 5, 2012

Ministeck Pixel Pictures Review

Ministeck Pixel Pictures Review

Thanks to the people at Alyss Toys, UK distributors of the German toy Ministeck, for sending me this box to review.

I love seeing new and innovative toys, and this looked like an interesting variation on the popular Hama beads.

What’s in the box?

  • A plastic grid.
  • Hundreds of small plastic pieces of different colours and sizes, with little pegs on the underside to secure them to the board.
  • A black hand tool to help remove pegs when you have finished with them.
  • On the rear of the box there are 6 pictures to copy.

The test run

This toy is designed for kids aged 7 years and up, so I tested it with Son#1 who is 7.

I tried to follow the picture on the back of the box of a forlorn looking antelope (see photo).

When I got as far as his nose I realized I had been using the wrong colour for the body [insert cross face here].

It didn’t really matter, so I carried on regardless.

There is a chart at the bottom of the box to help you idenitfy the right colours, I just didn’t pay enough attention to it.

Son#1 really enjoyed freestyling with this, creating repeating patterns, and expressing maths sums with the pegs.

Your really need patience and good fine motor skills. My fingernails are quite long so I found the bricks a little difficult to manipulate, but Son#1 managed OK with his tiny nimble fingers.

It would be nice to have more than one grid included in the box because there are plenty of bricks to create a few pictures from, and you might want to have two kids working on different projects, or they might want to keep their creation rather than having to reuse the plastic grid.

Buying Ministeck

This is a German made toy and is not widely available in the UK.

I have found some sets on Amazon. Take care not to get the Ministek Pixel Pictures kits confused with the construction brick sets made by the same people.

The Africa set in the review includes 1,200 pieces and would normally cost around £10.

Go to Ministeck sets on Amazon >>>

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