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Posted on Sep 1, 2012

Mobiles – Toy Tattle’s pick of the best aerial entertainment for your baby

Mobiles – Toy Tattle’s pick of the best aerial entertainment for your baby

For about the first three months, my baby mobile bought me a much needed 8 minutes to have a shower.

By giving the gift of a nursery or crib mobile, you may be giving a new mom the priceless gift of being able to wash her hair and brush her teeth in the morning, while the baby is quietly distracted.

Unless you have been that unwashed, tired, paranoid new mom, fearful that every time you leave the room your baby will tear the roof of with his screams, you can have no idea how great those 8 minutes really feel.

Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile, $55

There’s dozens of similar ctib mobiles to choose from, all featuring moving parts, music and even a remote control.

These models are great for older babies, but be warned that newborns will can quickly become agitated, and even sick, if over stimulated.

If you are hoping to use this toy to keep your baby occupied for a little while, get a model with a remote control so you can reactivate it without going back into the room.

Wimmer-Ferguson Mobile from Manhattan Toy, $28

No music, no movement, and no batteries.

Simple black and white images designed to gently stimulate young babies.

You can switch out the cards for different designs so baby can have something new to focus on.

Lambs & Ivy Bedtime Originals, $30

This mobile is part of Lambs & Ivy’s cute Bedtime Originals range of bedding and nursery decorations.

These are old fashioned wind up mobiles, that play music like a music-box.

Easier on the eye and less stimulating than some of the battery operated models, but the music doesn’t play for long.

Flensted Nursery Mobiles, $40

Available as birds, butterflies, autos and even hot air balloons.

These mobiles attach to the ceiling rather than the crib, and are so sophisticated your baby will never outgrown it.

Hand-crafted in Denmark, these light-weight designs will gently move about with every gentle breeze, keeping baby entertained without overstimulating.

All these mobiles and more available from Amazon’s Baby Store >>>

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