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Posted on Aug 3, 2012

MonkeyBar Tower Hands On Review

MonkeyBar Tower Hands On Review

We’ve got this toy at home, and since it costs around $200, I thought a hands-on review would be helpful for anyone thinking about buying one.

It’s designed for kids aged 3 – 6 years.

All other important info can be found in this promo video:

Now here’s the stuff you really need to know:

1. Construction Is Not Easy!

Despite the video and product info telling you how simple it is to construct, this is an enormous lie.

Before you begin construction you need a huge open space for the dome-beast to stand in, and for you to lay out all the poles and connectors in the correct size groups.

I would also strongly recommend that you arm yourself with a glass of wine and a good sense of humour.

Read the instructions approximately one million times just to be sure you know what you are doing.

When constructing our dome, we made one small mistake. Although the pieces are easy to click together, they are a nightmare to get apart again, even when using the special key thingy. Then after we had rectified our error, we realized this enormous toy wasn’t going to fit through the double doors to get out into the backyard, so we had to take more bits off of it.

Now I accept that all this pain and wasted time was as a result of our own stupidity, and probably consuming more and more alcohol as the evening went on did not help matters either. But I am sharing this horror story with you since we are all only human, and if making my idiocy public can save just one family from dome-construction-hell, I will consider this blog post worthwhile.

I’m not saying ‘don’t buy this toy’, I’m saying ‘we loved this toy, but don’t beat yourself up if you find it tricky to put together’.

2. Wobbly Poles
During construction you will frequently give the dome a little jiggle and then panic that it is far too wobbly to be safe for your child. Fear not. Once fully constructed it will feel much better – it needs that box on the top to create stability and tension. If you look closely in the video clip you can see a green bar flex when a child stands on it – this is normal, every bar has a little bounce in it.

3. Safety Matting

Good quality safety matting is not cheap, but you and your child will enjoy the dome so much more if you know they can have a soft landing. The climbing frame is desgined to encourage adventurous play so naturally your child will push their physical limits. A grid safety mat is almost invisible once the grass has grown through.

MonkeyBar Tower available now from Amazon >>>

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